ANSES staff has been involved during their career development and experience in the following projects:

Incorporation of Mega Developments Networks in GIS for Electric Utilities

Survey, Validation and Enhancement of GIS Data for Missing LV Power Network Connectivity and Conversion of Street Lighting Data into GIS

GIS Platform Licenses and Maintenance

GIS Platform Foundation, Expansion and Verification of GIS data for Sewerage Utility

Consultancy Services for DSM (Demand Side Management)

Zonal Substation Reconfiguration of 11KV Network

Transfer of Load to the 5 new Primaries in Abu Dhabi

Extension of 11kV Switchgears at Primary S/S

Automation of numerous 220/33kV, 132/22 kV and 132/11kV Grids, 33/11kV  Primary Stations, 22kV Substations, 22kV and 11kV Switching Stations